Pay Rates for clients Rehab 4U Limited

Therapist Client cost
Therapy assistant/technician £37.50
Exercise Professional £40.00
Massage therapist £40.00
Senior Occupational Therapist £60.00
Senior Neurological Physiotherapist £60.00
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist £67.50
Specialist Dementia and Later Life Physiotherapist £67.50
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist home visit £67.50
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at clinic £60.00
Speech and Language Therapist £72.00
Neuro Occupational Therapist £67.50
Podiatrist £38.00 - clinic   £65 home visit
Counsellor £72.00

Travel will be charged at 50 per mile up to 10 miles and £1 a mile over £10 miles.

Equipment  provision and report writing will be will be charged as additional